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On top of the Mountain, at 751 metres rises Erice: its name derives from the Sicilian-Italic eryx, which means mountain.

Cults of fertility and love were to be found in Erice, which was famous in ancient times for its shrine atop the mountain where sailors worshipped.

It was the shrine of Asparte for the Carthaginians, the shrine of Aphrodites for the Greeks, and the shrine of Venus Ericina for the Romans.

La Prima Dea, takes its name from and is dedicated to the Goddess of Venus Ericina.

The restaurant is housed in an ancient building, with a modern interior which has been modified from year to year to meet the needs and tastes of our new clientele.

The restaurant was founded in the early 1950s, but in 1965 its management was taken over by Michael Cavasino who, year after year, with new recipes, brought it to its present splendour.

The restaurant has been modernized many times as has the delicious menu, making it one of the dining destinations for those who come to Erice.

The secret of the success of  La Prima Dea is our continuous search for food pairings, and great diligence in the search for fresh and first quality ingredients.

The restaurant is open all year round and it a visit to us is made particularly characteristic when Erice is shrouded in mist, and the fireplace is lit, creating a magical atmosphere.

The restaurant is equipped with a fully stocked bar where we can prepare delicious hot chocolate to go with the beautiful and delicious almond cakes.

For those who enjoy peace and privacy, the restaurant is equipped with a dining room with rustic carpets and soft lighting.

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